The Six Days

The Six Days

Fifteen years ago, in the middle of the night, Jamie Carpenter’s mother went up to the dark lighthouse on the cliffs above their small Maine town. She never came back.

Jamie has spent his whole life trying to forget her. But when his little brother Danny goes missing, Jamie has to face the facts: there is another world beyond the lighthouse–the world his mother came from. And Danny is being held for ransom: his life for the dangerous magical inheritance the Carpenter’s mother left her sons.

Caught in the middle of a war between witches, burdened by deadly family secrets and magic he can’t control, Jamie Carpenter has a whole new universe to search if he’s going to put together the pieces of the puzzle left behind by his mother and save his brother’s life. And he’s going to have to do it fast–because in six days the gate between worlds will close again.

For good.

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Praise for The Six Days:

“…This book has a feel and it’s kind of a beautiful one. It also has parallel universes, magic and adventure so it was pretty much right up my ally…. But I must admit what really hooked me and kept me up all night reading (and consequently clutching my coffee in the morning) more than anything else was the relationship between the three brothers.” – Lila June’s Book Saloon


“I am not sure that I can even adequately express just how much I LOVE this book. I will even dare to say that it is one of my favorite books of 2014 so far… This book was ACTION packed. I don’t read a lot of books that have this much action, but I felt like it just keep getting more and more intense, which just made me want to keep reading. I just cannot stop thinking about how amazing this book was. Just when I thought that I had everything figured out and knew what was right and what was wrong, things would change all over again. Honestly, that is what makes a great book for me.” – Beneath the Jacket Reviews


“The thing I love the most about The Six Days is its refreshing take on love. In the midst of books about sweet teenage first love, tumultuous love triangles/squares/webs, and painful forbidden love, The Six Days is like a fresh breath of wind. There is a bit of teenage love drama and a couple of ‘forbidden’ couples, but family and brotherly love remains at the heart of it, and the book-siblings-fan in me rejoice at the fact. As different as perfect boy Cal, rebellious Jamie, and sweet Danny are, they love each other undoubtedly and fiercely. There are so many layers of their brotherly love, so many twists in the tale of their absent mother and distant father — beautifully portrayed throughout the course of the story. These boys always have more than what meets the eye, even at the end of the story. Love does give you strength, after all.” – Codes and Writes

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