27 Days to Midnight Cover Reveal!

We are beyond thrilled to share the beautiful cover for the YA steampunk adventure 27 Days to Midnight by Kristine Kruppa.

We’ll be chatting with Kristine on Twitter starting at 8:00 PM EST tonight! Tweet your questions about the writer’s life, indie publishing, and YA fiction with the hashtag #27Days. You’ll find us over @giantsquidbooks. 


Everyone in Dahlia’s world knows when they’re going to die. Except her.

Her father has never shown her the pocket watch counting down the days she has left to live. When he sacrifices himself to save her from her scheduled death, Dahlia abandons her comfortable home and sets off after his murderer to uncover the secrets her father died to protect…and the time research that could bring him back to life.

Then she meets Farren Reed. She should hate him. He’s an enemy soldier, a cowardly deserter, and the most insufferable man Dahlia’s ever met. Still, she needs all the help she can get, and Farren is the only chance she has to find the man who murdered her father. But Farren has only twenty-seven days left on his watch.Continue reading 27 Days to Midnight Cover Reveal!

This Week on the Internet


  1. Because the world most definitely needs more book art — take a look at these 7 literary murals adorning bookstores and libraries around the world!
  2. With the constant barrage of exciting new books, it can seem nearly impossible to go back and reread old favorites. But this thoughtful article extols the benefits of rereading, from finding new meaning to the nostalgia of familiarity and remembering who you were when you first read the book.
  3. As much as I felt initially opposed to it on principle, this Wall Street Journal article looks at the rise of phone reading and points out so many interesting things. Smartphones are what busy, on-the-go people are increasingly turning to to read instead of their e-reader, and publishers and digital platforms are taking note and adjusting. And hey, reading on your phone is better than not reading at all, right?
  4. “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” (Lemony Snicket) Cait from @ Paper Fury lists the reasons why it’s appropriate to take a book wherever you go.

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Top 6 Upcoming Releases I Can’t Wait to Get My Hands On

I think we’ve all been there — that moment where you’re on the Goodreads profile for one of your most anticipated reads, and staring in shock at the release date that feels like it’s light years away. Why hasn’t time travel been invented yet?! Is it possible to go to sleep and not wake up until _____ (October, November, December, January…)?


But you’ll make it somehow… right? You hang on every character the author tweets, nearly die a thousand deaths when an advance preview is released, and sit and drool when the gorgeous cover is finally revealed. You’re so full of excitement that it feels like there isn’t any room for anything else!


The only solution? Hitting that pre-order button even though your book-buying habits will be your ruin. Or stalking your local bookstore in hopes that it somehow magically appears early on the shelves. Or even doing the entire county a favor and requesting that your library order the book if they value good literature. You will get your hands on a copy the minute the book sees the light of this world!

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This Week on the Internet


  1. Whether there is proof in the books to support a black Hermione Granger or not, challenging the “white as default” assumption in race-bent Harry Potter fan art can be quite powerful! Some of this fan art is a must-see.
  2. With social demands of an author increasing, from needing to be on social media to book readings and signings, one introverted writer asks: is necessary to be social to succeed in the literary world?
  3. Author Alexandra Bracken shares one of her personal (publishing) heroes, Ursula Nordstrom. She “changed the face of children’s literature” by publishing controversial titles that went against the norms of the day but were truer representations of growing up. She also rocked the male-dominated publishing world that only valued adult books.
  4. Tired of the same old archetype characters? Aimee from The Social Potato revamps 5 character stereotypes into more realistic characters that we’d be interested in reading about!
  5. Because most of us don’t live near a combination bookstore-hotel, we’ve probably experienced the problem of trying to live in a bookstore.

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5 Literary Start-ups You Need to Know About

Sometimes, when you’re completely immersed in a good book, it’s hard to remember that anything exists outside of the pages. That not only is there a whole world out there, but an entire literary world full of book-minded people creating amazing things — and not just new books.

There are incredible literary startups launching all the time seeking to improve the reading and publishing experience, often using crowdfunding to get their start and utilizing technology every step of the way to create and share their vision. It’s amazing what they can accomplish, and the literary world is all the better for the diversity and imagination that they bring with them! Check out some of our favorite literary startups below.

1. Bibliobath


Don’t worry — no books were harmed in the above photoshoot. How is that possible, you may ask? It’s a waterproof book, produced by Bibliobath! The brand-new company was successfully crowd-funded and opened in July. Their mission? To produce classic literature that can be enjoyed anywhere — especially while relaxing in the bath or by the ocean or pool — thanks to its waterproof, tear-resistant pages.

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